Friday, August 26, 2016

As the new year begins..

I have a few goals this year for my classes.  Ironically it isn't about my curriculum.  As I spent the summer with all the news and everything that has happened,  these are things I have thought about. 

they are things that I am going to aim to work on both in my classes and outside. 

1. Speak the Truth:   The truth matters.  Lying or exaggerating about the situations does not get you out of the situation only can cause deeper problems.  

2. Behavior matters.  Be mindful of your behavior and how your actions can speak volumes. 

3. Respect others.  People matter, everyone has a story and parts of their lives you do not know about.  Respect them in and outside of the classroom.  

4.  Take risks.  Try new things.  Don't let the unknown or the fear cause you to stop.  Overcoming the fear can allow you to learn new things.

5.  Fail.  It's okay to Fail.  Learn from the failures.  As most times failures is where learning happens the most. 

6.  Apologize when a mistake is made, and not hold grudges when mistakes are made.   Nobody's perfect and everyone is learning even me.