Monday, September 10, 2012

Technology Integration...

It has been crazy back to school.  We have only been back a week and it feels like we never left.  My plan to become more organized is starting to materialize.  I have created and appointment calendar for teachers to "sign out" the integrators to work with us either one on one or with a class.  (Thanks to google again).

Today, I worked with the Honors French and Honors Spanish begin their trimester long project of creating a magazine.  The project is going to be done in iBooks Author so they can add videos, pictures, text, etc and then publish them for their classmates to read on their iPads.  Today they played with iBooks Author and just tried to get a feel with the program, adding, deleting editing and searching for tutorials.  The girls and educators are both excited about this adventure.  I am going to check in on the class in a few weeks to see how it is going.  By November they should have the magazines finished!  I can't wait!