Friday, September 19, 2014


So I was extremely fortunate this past Wednesday and Thursday to attend MakerCon in NYC.  It is a conference for Makers by Makers.  It is a place where there are new product launches, information about creating MakerSpaces in cities, looking at new startups, and learning from people who have successful startups.

One discussion was how 3D printing is starting a third industrial revolution. That isn't about mass production but mini manufacturing where people are producing themselves.  It has allowed for rapid prototyping as well.  It was amazing to see some big business: AutoDesk, Intel, and GE, that were all for embracing Makers and small business, not trying to shut them out.  I love to see that they want to work with the little guy not against them. That they are thinking about how big companies need to embrace this major change in production.  That people want to MAKE things!

As I am typing I have so much running through my head SnowShoe Stamps , Greenbean, Modio, Apollo.. Oh and this:

Me with the 3D Printed Car

 I see my role in education changing, I see education changing.  How can we get students working on this quickly, teaching them how to utilize boards like Arduino, how to program various items, and learn what is needed?  It's about blending and moving away from traditional classrooms.  Its about letting them play and then teaching in the moment.  Why does the Makey Make need to be grounded?  How do you complete a circuit? Why do you need a resistor, and how big?  How much would you sell that for if you need to produce it?  What are your costs? How to advertise and make it look good? I would love to see more standards based and more project based assessments.  I am hoping to have the shift in my classes.  Most of my classes are project based, where they are assessed on the projects and their reflections. DET I am hoping to be able to have them create the processfolios where they are documenting their process as well as the final product.   I want all my students to know they are MAKERS and the possibilities are endless.

As I said my mind is all over the place and I look at the schedule from this MakerCon from the last and as I reflect.  In May in the Bay Area, the conversation was about the Maker Movement.  I was talking to Binka from MAKE and I called it a Maker Revolution.  She smiled and said she liked it.  I said I see so many changes happening so quickly,  how mindsets are shifting.  I know I wasn't the only one to call it that, but this MakerCon everyone called it a Revolution.  I like to think I have a part in this Revolution.

Check out the archive videos of MakerCon here!