Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why Drawing is related to Technology Integration

Last night among my twitter feed came a tweet about the TEDx Talk:  Why people believe they can't draw -and how to prove they can and technology.  I clicked the link and family duty called.  I just got to look at the link today.  I apologize that I can't find the original tweet.  But I have a feeling they wrote something similar to what I am about to write.  If you are reading this let me know so I can fully credit you! I tried to search using the ted talk but no one I follow came up.

So here is the TEDx Talk: (It's only 15 minutes long)

And here are my results of learning how to draw:

Not bad if I do say so myself.  But how does drawing relate to technology, that's easy it's the same mindset.  How often does someone say I am bad with technology or I can't keep up with new technology? I hear this often, but just like drawing One can learn technology it just has to be broken down for them.  This is what I learned from the video:

1. Simple steps.  Mr. Shaw first drew a picture then broke it down into the simple steps to recreate.  A good technology integrator does this.  We break things down into simple steps. We need to remember how overwhelming technology can be and starting simple is key.  Letting people know they can use technology just start small.

2.  Apply knowledge to a new setting.  Once he has the basics shown he demonstrates how you can take if further to create a new cartoon drawing.  A good technology integrator helps show how new apps are similar to the knowledge one knows.  While things might be different with applications they may also be the same.  We look for ways to show others how to make these connections

3.  Don't be afraid to be creative.  Thinking outside the box can create new and exciting drawings with alterations.  Technology provides way to be creative, don't be afraid to try something new, take the risks give it a shot.  Its hard to be creative.  We all know this, but creativity is essential in ed tech. We can all be creative just like we can all draw.   When we open our minds to creativity we open our minds to new things.

4.  Mindset is key.  Around 14:30 Mr. Shaw asks a question: "How limiting beliefs and thoughts that we carry around with us each day? ... and if we think differently about these beliefs what else can we be open to?"    Challenge our beliefs to grow, have a growth mindset that we can always learn.  Even from the most unique places.  In technology we are all learners always, how much can we learn from our students, from each other at schools, from others at conferences.  Open your mind to believe that one can learn, we can all work together to learn new things.  It is often I hear that someone believes they don't have much to offer but they are generally ones with fabulous ideas.

So open up and Draw, Be creative, and Learn.  What will you try today?