Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Let the Blog exchange begin!

One of my colleagues, a History Teacher, has decided to have her students learn how to blog with another school in Baltimore, Md, they found each other through twitter.  What is awesome about this not only the history that students are learning but the authentic use of technology.  As students are writing we begin to discuss voice and tone of the blog and understanding how writing it is important to use words that convey the tone.  It is not like a face to face conversation where you can have inflection in the discussion.  This gives them a chance to deepen their own conversations about the topics since they will be looking at others blogs commenting and replying to comments on their own writing.  The blog is academic as they are writing about history, but gives them a chance to understand how to write to audience vs. just what the teacher wants.    I am excited about this blog and can not wait to read their posts. 

We have decided to use blogger since we are a GAFE school it was easy to set up.  They found it easy to make changes they needed and everyone was set up within an hour.  They have just started writing about the first prompt now, so some don't have anything published yet, but if you want to check them out visit US History with Dr. B!