Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day one went well...

Last week, I introduced the programming challenge to the girls. They were very hesitant about how this was going to happen.  I started them with the NCTM standars for pre-K to Second grade so they would have an idea of the mathematical concepts involved.  They began to relax about the concepts since it wasn't the algebra they were doing.  Many liked the basic facts and idea of factor families.

Before class today,  I emailed the lower school teachers to offer suggestions for games.  They not only responded with ideas that they would like to see, but also with wonderful words of encouragement.  Today the girls brainstormed and began an outline of what they wanted to do.  They focused on the concept, age, and the story behind what they wanted to do.  I tried to get them to focus on having the math being incorporated into the game vs. do problems then you play a maze game.  It took some time to get them realizing that but I think they have some great ideas!! For homework (I don't seem some of them for a week) they had to fully develop the rules and regulations so that next class we can start storyboarding.

However, I think next class will be working in Scratch tutorials, as I read over the outlines to give some suggestions before the storyboarding starts.  Now to find/make a rubric for the outlines to help guide their understanding of the gaming and outlining.