Thursday, February 2, 2012

Learning the scratch

The girls have been enjoying scratch.  The past week they have created an outline of the game.  I created a rubric to aid them with the outlining and gave them questions to answer:
  • What math concept are you looking at achieving?
  • What is the game going to look like?
  • What is the back-story of the game?
  • How many levels?
  • What are the rules of the game?
  • How does each level differ?
  • How does a player know that they are going up a level?
  • When do you know you are at the end of game?
  • What age are you aiming for?
They created Google docs and have shared them with me so I can make comments on them.  I am excited to read them.

While I am reading the girls are working on some scratch lessons that I have found on line from shall we learn.  All I am hearing is how cool and fun it is to be drawing the items.  They are also really starting to think about what is happening.  Today I had the conversation with one student about how the different sprites have private variables.  Tonight I plan on making a simple demo to show them what random variables and inputs can do.

Tomorrow is storyboarding and making sure they have a good handle on the games.  I’m still nervous about them transition to actually program the games.