Thursday, February 16, 2012

They are learning Programming!!!

Today one of the big lessons learned was if the groups figure out the first level of the game adding the additional levels would be easy.  I had one group who really began to understand how the variables need to be constantly checked and utilized.  They also spent time refining their knowledge of boolean statement.  I sat for a few minutes to explain a boolean and the team was able to put it to use in multiple places.  It was great to see someone who didn't think she could program actually get the game to work.

This is something that I love about programming.  They get immediate feed back and their confidence grows and they get excited to see the feedback from their work.  I just hope we finish in time.  Some of the programs are coming along others are not.  I hope that they can get everything together in time.  We don't have much class time due to our schedule.

I just sat through a PBS/STEM Webinar and it was helpful to talk about the main components of a game and what makes a game.  Many of which I discussed early on with the girls.  So I am hoping to review these again next week.